Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ballpark Logos

One great thing about baseball and sports in general is the logos. Many people don't realize, but just about every MLB park has its own logo. The teams use them for ballpark signs and promotional efforts. The logos end up being a key part of in that they act as the link to each park's photos. Here are a few of my favorite ballpark logos

While incorporating the sponsor's logo, it still conveys the fact that its the sign for a ballpark. Simple but effective.

This one is nice because although it is a naming rights deal, if you weren't aware of the Safeco brand, you may not realize. Also it incorporates the Mariners' compass logo, which is one of the best in the game.

This is more of an anniversary logo, but I still consider it a ballpark logo. I like how it incorporates the old look of Shea from 1964 through the early 80's on the left side along with the 1980's forward blue/neon look.

One of the few ballpark logos that actually has an image of the park in it. I think its also supposed to look like a political campaign button which is appropriate to Washington DC.

This is a rarely seen alternate version of the Citizens Bank Park logo. It incorporates the signature Neon Liberty Bell from Right Field along with the field's shape. Simple and effective. The Phillies should use this version more.

Like Miller Park, this one is able to incorporate the sponsor's logo with the club's. The growling tiger along with the bats and the ballpark's signature steel arches are all present. A nice way to sum up an underrated ballpark.

Its too bad that the original Yankee Stadium gates were lost in the 1970's renovation. The designer did a nice job pulling them into this final season logo. Great logo for one of the classic parks.

That's just some of my favorites. You can see more on .

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