Monday, February 15, 2010

Yankee Stadium Demolition - 02/15/10

The demolition of the old Yankee Stadium continues, and it seems like they are making progress. At this point the seating plank for the field and loge levels has been demolished. The upper deck is basically intact except for what seems to be the last section. The stairwell "pod" next to the left field end has been removed which caused that part to be demolished. Most of the exterior remains. If I were to guess, there will still be a considerable amount of the structure left when the season begins in April. However, if the pace is increased, it could be done before then.

I was in the area today and took over 40 photos of the old ballpark. Check out larger versions of these two photos and the other 38 or so at

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  1. I wonder if anything remains of the original front by Gate 4 behind what they had put up in the 1975 renovation. Be interesting to see when they start knocking down the exterior walls.

    Not a Yankee fan but I would of made the new stadium (actually I would of renovated over time like the Dodgers are doing) just exactly like the old stadium just with new amendities. I would however made monuments park somewhere in an area of the left field bleachers where they could be seen from home plate. Where they are now is to me a disgrace, behind a wall, under a restaurant.