Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stadium Ratings/Rankings - I

In the 12 years has been active, I've never felt the need to rank/rate the ballparks I've been to. In my view, anywhere they play baseball is ok with me. Regardless, everyone has favorites and these are mine:
(In no particular order)

- Citi Field: It gets alot of criticism for being "too Dodgers" and some questionable siteline decisions, but it really is a great park. The outside and rotunda entrance are really well done. It has interesting outfield fence dimensions, which while somewhat "gimmicky" lead to a different type of game being played. Of the 28 parks I've been to, Citi has by far the best concessions. Once the Mets get a top caliber team in the place, the minor problems will be forgotten.

- AT&T Park: The view of the San Francisco Bay is incredible. SF is a great town in general and the ballpark really fits in well. I haven't there since its inaugural season in 2000, but I'm sure it has aged well in the past 10 years.

- Oriole Park at Camden Yards: Its the park that started a revolution. I really like the "steel and brick" parks, so as the original I find this one great. Unlike alot of the newer descendants, this park is gimmick free. When you go inside, it seems like its been there for 50 years rather than the 18 or so that it has been open.

- Fenway Park: Of the "classic parks" this is my favorite. Unlike the original Yankee Stadium, Fenway's many facelifts haven't taken away its ageless charm. It really fits in its neighborhood, if you didn't know better you would think that its just another warehouse or office building. The Green Monster and other quirks make it incredibly interesting.

- PNC Park: PNC has the best skyline view of them all. Plus it has the view of the river and the Clemente bridge beyond the RF fence. Its limestone exterior is unique and differentiates it further from the others.

These are my favorites, what do you think?


  1. Hey Eric, i too have been traveling seeing many ballparks, new and old, over the past decade or so. Being a die hard mets fan, i have to say i love citi field, i mean, its just a cool little "ballpark". that being said, only issues i have with it is that i wish they would have dug out down into the earth like the way they did in philly...this way when you walk in you are right on the concourse leve. i love the restauarnt and pepsi porch, i just think that since they didnt "did down" that it lead them to really have to cramp the outfield of the stadium. Philly is still my favorite because it is small and intimate too, but its not cramped like citi field feels with everything pushed in. and the black outfiel needs to go, how about some green or blue out there man, bad choice.
    But you are right, we can now say we have the best food in any baseball stadium hands down.

  2. It was actually impossible to dig down to build Citi Field because it is located on landfill. The field would get flooded all of the time. Citi's field is actually above ground level because of that.

  3. on a landfill, really? wow.
    i kind of figured their was an answer to that. Never the Less, i love the place. one of my favorite veiws is from center looking towards the infield( belive it or not) and i like the outfield areas/bridge/etc. really cool.
    hey eric, any word on if they are going to change the color's on the wall from black to blue or green?? and also, think how great the place will be this year with a hall of fame and McFaddens bar on the street level.
    and just think...wait another 6 or 7 years when the chop shops are gone!

  4. From the stadiums I've been to PNC is the best. From a stadium I never been to and only know what I have seen on this site and TV games, I really like Comerica.

    CitiField can be one of the best, but it needs some slight alterations. I simply do not like the right field area (Modells)and outfield all overall too quirky. Plus the black walls needs to go. Blue with the orange is way to go in a Mets park.

  5. I actually like the black walls at Citi, but blue would be ok too. Black has been a Mets color for 12 years now, its not going anywhere.

    Comerica is great too. Another park that gets underrated because it replaced one of the classics.

  6. With the wall being lowered in center and that cant just be that notch under the actual appple has to be a much wider span. I am also wondering about the batting eye. I know in the first game with St Johns there was some green turf around apple then it was gone, so I guess there as some complaints. But it just kind of dull and unfinished looking now around the apple. Be a great spot for some low growing green plantings like ivy. Cant be anything tall cause of the video screens behind. Other stadium have landscaping in center.