Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stadium Remains - Part Two - Shea Stadium

By popular demand, here is a profile of Shea Stadium's "remains". As Citi Field was built in Shea Stadium's parking lot, Shea Stadium's remains are in Citi's parking lot. In the picture above, taken from the last row of Citi Field's Promenade, you can see the plate, all three bases and the pitcher's mound. Home plate is at the top. The parking lot was set up quite well and no cars park directly over any of the markers. They're quite easy to find and you can see dozens of fans checking them out and posing for pictures before every game. The markers are quite nice, made what seems to be a solid brass material. Each has one of the neon figures that used to adorn the bright blue Shea facade.

Here is home plate. This is the exact spot where Ray Knight triumphantly leapt onto to score the winning run in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

Here is the marker for the pitcher's mound. Yes, the official term in the baseball rulebook is "pitcher's plate".

Just to the south is the first base marker.

Ninety feet away is the marker for second base.

And finally, here's third base.

This is the second of an ongoing series. You can see these and thousands of other photos of current and former ballparks at

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