Monday, October 31, 2011

Citi Field Renovation

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The news that was first reported on Mets Blog was confirmed today by the Mets. Several renovations/changes to Citi Field's outfield walls were detailed in a conference call.

First, the outfield dimensions were revealed. While not the completely symmetrical field that was rumored, the dimensions were shortened in several of the deepest areas.

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In the above rendering, you can see the difference. The left center "corner" was simply too deep and the 16 foot original wall was a further penalty. The new wall will be a uniform 8 feet all the way from right to left in 2012. Additionally, a new wall will be built in front of the 16 foot part in left.

In Right Field, the old 415 spot just right of center in front of the bullpens will be shortened to 398. In additon, the spot in front of the Modell's Zone seating was squared off and shortened.

Beyond the dimensions, all of the interior walls will be made blue. The old backing walls will remain the "soot" black color.

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The cool thing about the new interior walls is that it allowed the Mets to add new seats. This image seems to show a row of seats much like the Green Monster seats at Fenway Park. While I'm sure they will be expensive, they should give an interesting view of the game.

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Here is another view of the new left field seating.

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Finally, here's a view of how the Modell's Zone section will look. With new seats/tables on what used to be the warning track, the group sales section should be able to have its capacity expanded. Also it now features standing room on what used to be the warning track.

Overall, I think these are good moves. The talk of every ESPN/FOX national game that featured the Mets at home was on how difficult the ballpark was. That can't be good for attracting players and the hitters' confidence. The new dimensions do not make it a "hitter's paradise" though. Mets GM Sandy Alderson mentioned that the change should put Citi Field in the middle.

The change to blue walls is ok with me. The black walls were distinctive, but many Mets fans have been clamoring for blue for a while now. Its good to see the organization listening. (Now maybe they can listen for our calls to sign Reyes...)

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