Monday, March 1, 2010

Figural Row Ends - Volume 2 - AL Central

Continuing the "Figural Row Ends" series, next profiled is the American League Central. All five parks were either built or renovated since 1994 and all have figural row ends.

Target Field

The new home of the AL Central champions is Target Field. The seat posts are of the same model as Citi Field, and as such have "sticker" logos. As you can see in this picture, the Twins installed wooden seats in some of the club areas. An interesting throwback to ballparks of the past. The only other current parks with any wooden seats are Fenway Park and Dodger Stadium.

Comerica Park

Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, also has an interesting row end setup. They depict a tiger in a batting stance. This is actually a throwback to the original row ends at Tiger Stadium (then known as Briggs Stadium). Its a really nice touch that appears on every seat row in the ballpark.

US Cellular Field

US Cellular Field was renovated in parts throughout the 2000's. The park opened with non-descript blue seat posts which had no figural row ends. (At right in the above image.) After the renovations, all rows in the park now are dark green with various White Sox logos. The above picture features the 80's "Sox" logo.

Progressive Field

The row ends at Progressive Field in Cleveland have an outline of the field's dimensions with the silhouette of a batter mid swing.

Kauffman Stadium

With Kauffman Stadium's recent renovation which was completed for opening Day 2009, all seats now are blue with a painted on Royals logo.

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  1. Actually, US Cell has different logos on the rows, not just the 80's.